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Deposits are insured by the state.
Due to the constant focus of LightBank on transparency of operations,
Stability, and loyalty to their customers has given us the opportunity to become a member
of the State Deposit Insurance System since December 2004.


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For over 20 years Lightbank works with each client on an individual basis. We trust our clients with our funds, because we know that our customers are worthy representatives of the Russian business community, and create real value for the benefit of our country. We trust them because they share our basic values - principles of integrity, honesty, openness, mutual respect and support.

As of 2004 Lightbank is a member of the obligatory deposit insurance. All deposits are insured by the state in the amount of 1.4 million rubles. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the investor receives the indemnity of 1.4 million rubles within 14 days should an incident occur.

Lightbank accepts deposits in Russian rubles, US dollars and Chinese Yuan. The account opening procedure and allocation of funds takes only 30 minutes. Use your money, anytime, anywhere.

Preserving an individual approach and a close relationship with each client, Lightbank gives the best deal on deposits for individuals and legal entities. Our clients receive a good return, high reliability and maximum loyalty to the terms of allocation of funds.

Particular attention is focused on working with China. Therefore, as one of the pioneers on the market, we offer the most favorable conditions for the placement of funds in CNY. Deposits in CNY are particularly relevant for those who receive income in CNY, issue CNY settlements or simply want to diversify their investment risks. In any case, we will select the most suitable conditions for profitable investments in CNY.

Presentation CB «"Lightbank"» (Russian) (*.pdf, ~14 Мб)

Presentation CB «"Lightbank"» (Chinese) (*.pdf, ~12 Мб)

To learn your conditions for a deposit, please call +7 495 666 33 39 or write to deposit@lightbank.ru

Dear Customers, please note that all information in this section of the website, aside from official documents provided by Lightbank, are published in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for informational purposes only. To get up to date on detailed information about services rendered, as well as the conditions of their provision, please contact the Lightbank by calling phone number listed above.
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