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Full corporate name of the Bank (in Russian) Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank «Light» Общество с ограниченной ответственностью Коммерческий банк «Лайт».
Abbreviated name of the Bank (in Russian) «Lightbank» ООО КБ «Лайтбанк»
Full corporate name of the Bank in English: Commercial Bank «LIGHT» Commercial Bank «LIGHT»
Abbreviated name of the Bank in English: «LIGHTBANK» «LIGHTBANK»
Main state registration number 1027739223775
Date of entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on state registration of the Bank of 13.12.1994 г.
Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) 7710046757
Code of reason for registration (KPP) 775001001
Data on the bank's participation in the system of compulsory insurance of individual deposits in banks of the Russian Federation  Certificate of inclusion in the Bank's register of participants of the deposit insurance system on 16.12.2012, under number 342 
Payment details Bank Cor. account number 30101810700000000381 in Office 1 Moscow BIC 044583381 
 License information

License number 3177 dating 18.09.2012 to carry out operations in rubles and foreign currency for individuals and legal entities
Federal Securities Commission
Brokerage license number 077-04235-100000 dating 27.12.2000 
License Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets Russia №0009609 See (pdf, ~1.2 Мб)

Legal address 

107078, Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya, d.22 / 2 str.5,6,7 

Actual Address 107078, Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya, d.22 / 2 str.5,6 8 
Mailing Address 107078, Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya, d.22 / 2 str.5,6,9, / I 67 
Locations of branch offices

Branch office «Yuzhnoportovy» Moscow, 2nd Yuzhnoportovy travel, 14/22 
Branch office «Paveletskaya» Moscow, ul.Novokuznetskaya, d.43 / 16, p.1

Contact Information
Technical Support of Web-Site

Golubyatnikova Irina 
Phone: +7 (495) 666-33-39, e-mail: finance@lightbank.ru 

Адрес Web-сайта www.lightbank.ru
Information about the territorial office of the Bank of Russia

Mailing address: 125424, Moscow, Volokolamsk Highway, 75. 
Phone: +7 (495) 950-25-02, +7 (495) 950-25-55 

Operation hours of service for businesses and individuals 

Weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00

Information on top management 

Chairman of the Board Toguzaev Konstantin Y. 
Chief Accountant Elena V. Fedotov 

Information on persons that have a significant (direct or indirect) influence on the decisions made by the bank 

The list of persons  (~186 Кб)

Scheme  (~54 Кб)

Information about the audit organization

 Limited Liability Company «Board of Tax Consultants» (LLC «KNK» BIN 1025005242140 Moscow) — certificate of membership in the SRO NP AAS number 1735 is included in the register of auditors and audit organizations NP AAS main registration record number – 10206018011

Information on the size specified in the charter of the Bank's authorized capital  180,800,000 (one hundred and eighty million eight hundred thousand) 
Person responsible for the completeness, accuracy and relevance published on the Web-site information 

Khabibulin Renata Panaetovna 
Phone: +7 (495) 666-33-39, e-mail: renata@lightbank.ru 

List of supported banking operations and other transactions
  1. Deposits from individuals and businesses
  2. Allocation of collected funds
  3. Opening and maintenance of bank accounts.
  4. Transfers of funds between corporate, private, and interbank accounts.
  5. Collection services
  6. Purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms.
  7. Issue of bank guarantees.
  8. Money transfers without the opening of a bank account
Insurance Information about banking services provided by the Bank All retail deposits are insured in accordance with the Federal Law of 23 December 2003 № 177-FZ «On Insurance individual deposits in banks of the Russian Federation. 
Информация о страховании банковских услуг, предоставляемых Банком Все вклады физических лиц застрахованы в соответствии с Федеральным законом от 23 декабря 2003 г. № 177-ФЗ»О страховании вкладов физических лиц в банках Российской Федерации».
Демонстрационные версии интерфейсов систем дистанционного банковского обслуживания (ДБО) Банка, работающих через интернет Информация отсутствует
Contact Information Service Center

Golubyatnikova Irina 
Phone: +7 (495) 666-33-39, e-mail: finance@lightbank.ru

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