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Hedging of financial risks

The current geopolitical situation creates a strong volatility in the currency market. In this regard, many companies are exposed to a huge currency risks, reflecting in large foreign exchange losses, leading to direct losses.

But currency risk can be managed. Lightbank offers you a wide range of solutions for managing foreign exchange risk. Our team is ready to develop and implement a wide range of strategies for hedging currency risks.

One possible strategy of hedging foreign exchange risk takes the simple purchase of a basic derivative financial instrument (forwards, options, swaps). Implementing this strategy can be done directly in Lightbank as soon as possible.

Another possible hedging strategy is an individual elaboration of the problem of hedging currency risk. This solution can combine the use of different combinations of derivative financial instruments, depending on the specific needs of the business. Such solutions can allow the customer to hedge against adverse market conditions with the ability to benefit from positive market conditions.

More complex strategies of hedging currency risks will reduce the cost of hedging, the size of the security deposit, as well as help lock in profits on currency movements with partial or full compensation of the cost of hedging. In various industries and business processes hedging strategy can be implemented in such a way that it can be obtained for the customer free of charge.

What are derivatives? (*.pdf, ~8 Мб)

Decrease in interest rates  (*.pdf, ~7 Мб)

Foreign currency hedging  (*.pdf, ~20 Мб)

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