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About the Bank

Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank LightBank was registered with the Central Bank of Russia in December 1994.
Today LightBank is a versatile and dynamic bank with a full range of services provided for both corporate clients and individuals.
At LightBank we created a universal service program, covering the most popular banking services. In addition, the practice of developing special products designed to meet the individual characteristics of the activities of clients.
Using the license of a professional securities market participant for brokerage activities № 077-04235-100000, acquired by LightBank in December 2000, the Bank has the right to exercise on behalf of their clients any transactions in the securities market. In September, 2012 the Bank has been granted a new license number 3177 from the Bank of Russia, which allows for a full range of banking operations with legal entities and indidual persons.
The focus of LightBank on the transparency of its operations and realiability and loyalty to its customers, which has enabled the Bank to become a member of the state deposit insurance system (ASV) since December 2004.
The Bank's work on the improvement of data protection allowed in November 2008 to become a licensee of the technical maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) means, which are issued by the Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets in Russia.
Development of correspondent relations with all major domestic banks and financial institutions of other countries, as well as membership in the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT, Telex), the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide, enable bank customers to have access to any financial markets and allows for quick calculations with any counterparty.
In addition, the Bank is a member of organizations such as non-bank credit organization Closed Joint Stock Company «National Settlement Depository» (NSD), an open joint stock company «National Bureau of Credit Histories», Moscow Chamber of Commerce and others.
The development of the Bank as a universal financial institution continues today.
LightBank provides the following services:
— Support corporate business: various credit schemes, deposits, a full range of cash management services, operations conversion, as well as documentary and factoring transactions;

Internet Banking

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